Do You Need Floor Mats for Your Toyota?

When you bought your Toyota Sienna, chances are it came with factory floor mats. However, just like any other interior part of a vehicle, floor mats wear out and become faded over time. Luckily, unlike most other interior parts, they're incredibly easy to replace. Here's everything you need to know about replacement floor mats for your Toyota Sienna. 

Why Do You Need Floor Mats?

Car floor mats may not be regarded as being very important, but in reality they serve the function of protecting the floor and carpet in your car. Rather than your carpet being exposed to everything that gets tracked into a car, your floor mats offer a removable covering that can be easily cleaned. When your floor mats wear out, it can be tempting to simply throw them out without replacing them. However, it's important to get a fresh set when your old ones wear out, as without them your carpet won't have the protection it needs to stay in good shape. 

What Causes Floor Mats to Wear Out?

Though most people don't really think about it, floor mats get some of the roughest use of any part of a car's interior. Throughout the year, everything from water to mud to snow is tracked in on the feet of drivers and passengers alike, with most of it ultimately ending up on a car's floor mats. Over time, this constant wear and tear causes floor mats to become dirty and faded. Less durable floor mats can also begin to curl and lose their original shape when they become soaked, as sometimes happens during periods of heavy rain. 

Here in Athens, Ohio, there's an average of 19 inches of snow each year, with 81 days of rain. As you can imagine, this means that plenty of water and mud ends up on the inside of a car. Because of these weather conditions, floor mats here reach the point of being worn out and unappealing much sooner than they do in drier, warmer climates. 

Can You Prolong the Life of Your Floor Mats?

Although floor mats get some rough use, there are a few things you can do to keep yours in good shape. The first, and most important, is to keep them clean. When you clean or detail your car, be sure you're taking your floor mats out and vacuuming them thoroughly. If you're in the Athens, Ohio, area and have light-colored floor mats, this is especially important, since mud can and will stain lighter mats. If your mats already have some light staining, there are also cleaning products that can lighten the discolored areas. 

Another way to prolong the life of your car's floor mats is to be more careful about what you're exposing them to. Though you won't always be able to avoid tracking mud or snow into your car, try not to get too much on your feet before getting in. Being a little more careful can add significantly to the life of your floor mats. 

Why Do You Need Specific Floor Mats for the Toyota Sienna?

You might be wondering why you need special floor mats for your Toyota Sienna. After all, any auto store will sell you generic floor mats. While this is true, generic floor mats will not fully cover and protect the carpet in your Toyota Sienna the way true OEM mats will. OEM floor mats are made specifically to conform to the seat layout of your vehicle. In the case of a Toyota Sienna, a full set of mats will include:

Two front mats

Second row seat mat

Rear mat

In some cases, the mats for the second row and back row of seats are actually one piece of material. In others, however, the mats are separate, with the carpet in between left exposed. 

How to Know When You Need New Mats

Unlike car parts that play key roles in keeping your vehicle running, it's hard to know exactly when to change out your old floor mats. As a general rule, you should change them when they've become too stained and dirty to clean or when they've started to warp. If they can't be cleaned, they'll only make your vehicle look bad. If they're warping from too much water exposure, they won't properly cover the floor of your car, meaning they won't be as effective as they should be at protecting it. Though you can get away with badly worn floor mats, your car will only look worse as they age. The life of a set of mats can vary, but most people find they can get several years of use out of one set. 

Choosing the Best Floor Mats

When picking out new floor mats for your Toyota Sienna, there are a few different options you will have. The most common choice for floor mat material is carpet, which will both match the carpet in your car and protect it fairly well. If you want something more durable that will be able to deal with snow and heavy rain, however, all-weather mats are a better choice. All-weather mats are rugged, rubberized mats that are unaffected by water. 

In Athens, Ohio, either carpet or all-weather mats can be used. If you prefer something more durable, the all-weather mat is definitely the way to go. If you want your mats to better match the factory interior of your Sienna, however, the carpeted mats are the better option. 


Taking good care of your floor mats and replacing them when they become too old or worn out is a key part of keeping your Toyota Sienna looking its best. If your Sienna needs a new set of floor mats, check out the selection that has to offer. Whether you need carpeted or all-weather rubberized floor mats, you'll be able to find a set of replacement mats that's right for your needs.